Dental Implants

A Lasting Solution

Our adult teeth are durable and long-lasting when patients are proactive about maintaining their oral health. The team at our Clarkston practice encourages those with significant dental concerns to attend regular appointments with the dentist to prevent further complications and comprehensively restore your smile.

When teeth are neglected, patients can experience serious dental issues and potentially lose teeth if concerns are left unaddressed. At first, a missing tooth may seem a little discouraging, but don’t worry, Drs. Kenneth and Matthew Thomas have you covered.

A dental implant is durable and regarded as the only permanent solution for a missing tooth caused by sudden trauma or dentist-recommended extraction. The base of a natural tooth promotes sufficient jawbone density which is crucial to your facial structure. A dental implant is inserted into the bone to replicate this root and completed with a prosthetic crown, bridge, or denture.

Treating Tooth Loss Promptly

Not visiting a dental professional after experiencing a lost tooth causes progressive damage. The jawbone weakens and adjacent teeth begin to shift towards the gap. Neglecting tooth-replacement therapy can cause further dental issues to develop, but patients looking for a healthier set of teeth can get the prompt help they need at our dental practice. 

Implant-supported Dentures

Dentures are great because of their custom fit and their ability to fill in entire rows of teeth. However, dentures alone may slip and need daily adhesive application. By supporting dentures with implants, the benefit of a retentive appliance is boosted significantly.

Coordinating with a Prosthodontist

Dr. Kenneth Thomas and Dr. Matthew Thomas work with a specialist to place the implant. This procedure will require an additional recovery time so that the surrounding tissues can heal. After the specialist has confirmed the implant is ready, one of our doctors can complete the process.

Call for More Information on Dental Implants

If you or a loved one is experiencing discomfort due to a gap in your smile, schedule your visit with one of our dentists at our Clarkston office today to see if a dental implant is the solution for you!

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